Luciana Lapique Makeup Artist


I was born in Montevideo in 1974, since I was little I’ve always been very creative and
fascinated by the ray of colors. At the age of twelve I started painting classes, but after a
few years I realized that what I really loved was make up… Thanks to my mother that
also she was very creative. At home surrounded by wedding dresses and haute couture
gowns , a continuous catwalk of women each one with their own nuance and taste… I
waited anxiously for those special days of preparation of the bride, to share their
excitement, love and joy. So driven by this strong creative spirit and my passion for
make up, I decided to pursue a career as a make up artist.

I’m specialized in basic make up, corrective, HD, bride, photo and fashion. As a result of
continuous training, workshops and master classes for the creation of my looks I use
the latest techniques and trends in the application of makeup.

I’ve always taught women how to do their makeup and I firmly believe that makeup is
an art form and the goal is to give every single woman the chance to be many women
while remaining true to herself.

In 2019 I went back to taking painting classes from scratch to refresh my memory. At the beginning I thought to dedicate myself to abstract painting but my teacher advised me to do the classical course starting with drawing and still life. This is how my first paintings in isolation during the pandemic were flowers and fruits, painting the leaves and petals gives me the possibility of blending the colors and allows me to get carried away by their fluidity and movement. In my paintings I try to convey serenity and tranquility to the observer, which are the feelings I feel while I am painting.